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To make GDPR easier accessible we took the original text and added crossreferences to Recitals, Definitions and Blog Posts and more. The Original Document from EU is available at

CHAPTER I General Provisions

CHAPTER II Principles

CHAPTER III Rights of the data subject

Section 1 Transparency and modalities

Section 2 Information and access to personal data

Section 3 Rectification and erasure

Section 4 Right to object and automated individual decision making

Section 5 Restrictions

CHAPTER IV Controller and processor

Section 1 General obligations

Section 2 Security of Personal data

Section 3 Data protection impact assessment and prior consultation

Section 4 Data protection officer

Section 5 Codes of conduct and certfication

CHAPTER V Transfers of personal data to third countries or international organisations

CHAPTER VI Independent supervisory authorities

Section 1 Independent status

Section 2 Competence, tasks and powers

Section 1 Cooperation

Section 2 Consistancy

Section 3 European data protection board

CHAPTER VIII Remedies, liability and penalties

CHAPTER IX Provisions relating to specific processing situations

CHAPTER X Delegate acts and implementing acts

CHAPTER XI final provisions

CHAPTER VII Cooperation and consistancy